▪️About untlim

- PR /Sales agent -

<untlim> is a showroom that provides sales, media relations and marketing for international fashion brands. Our company works directly with buyers and press relations both globally and within Japanese market with a focus on select upscale boutiques as well as top department stores and publications.

- Brand Consulting / Production -

<untlim> provides brand marketing and project planning consultancy for retail strategies. We also foster relationship between our retailers and sales channels for our clients.

- Buying Office -

<untlim> provides a buying office service to assist importers importers and retailers as they plan and coordinate seasonal buying trips and orders.

Buying consultation

Communication / Translation

Import / Export arrangements

▪️PR & Sales Management Office untlim (アントリム)



About untlim

untlimはさまざまな才能を成長支援するPR & Management Officeです。


Origin of untlim

trim(トリム)の持つ『飾る』 『整える』 『意見などを都合良く変える』といった意味合いを

un(否定)する意味で、『あなたらしく』 『飾らずに』 『まっすぐに』…


Outline of untlim

名称 :untlim (アントリム)

所在地:〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-33-11 GRACE’79 U-1

Tel & Fax :03-5466-1662



代表:小塚 源大